Friday, November 18, 2005


THE MUSIC!...I just ordered the (3) 7 inches in this DIV/ORCE series...don't even ask how I found this site...thats why I'm doing this blog, mainly to keep track of these weird finds and to keep track of these sites. I can't keep them straight. My bookmarks for 7 inch.... I don't even bother, it's a mess. So this is a great idea in a concept 7 inch series, take noise rock and electronica and put them back to back, on the same record! Should they get married? Are they already divorced? Split custody of the drum machine? Crazy. Seriously a good idea, so good I'm going to eventually highlight all three.

The first split is Hella / Four Tet

The first of our Div/orce series finds math / noise / improv duo Hella teamed up with UK's beat hound / melody genious, Four Tet.

On a canadian label Ache records, just scroll down they are towards the bottom of the page. Canadian money is worthless so for once it's even cheaper than the checkout price, with the canadian conversion. I think I got all three for 14$US, thats crazy.

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