Wednesday, December 21, 2005

John Yoko 7 inch

I don't know a lot about these bands or these two people but apparently they are like john and yoko, except they choose better songs to cover. This is released on a german label Morr records. But you can get it from Insound.

"Lali Puna's Valerie Trebeljahr and Notwist's Markus Acher have clearly resigned themselves to the joke that people oftern declare them as John & Yoko. This particularly iconoclasctic nom de plume serves it's purpose fabulously for their first joint excursion outside the familiar surroundings of their band set up, and provides the latest installment in a carefully selected series of 7";s on Morr Music's embryonic sub-label "A Number of Small Things". They cover Magnetic Fields' "Papa Was A Rodeo" and Smog's "The Morning Paper.""

You can read a review of this 7 inch here on the "for the eardrums" blog.

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