Thursday, December 22, 2005

Art brut 7 inches

Art brut has made a million best of 2005 lists, and on fierce panda there's at least 3 7 inches from these guys. Go to the 'records' menu and then click on 'singles'. You'll find: 'Good Weekend', 'Emily Kane' (2 versions with different b-sides, the 2nd pressing has 'moving to LA' and the 1st has 'These animal menswe@r') and the 3rd 7 inch is 'Modern Art'. It's practically the entire album. They are all imports which will run about 2.5 pounds plus shipping.
Why do I have to love you so much 7 inches?

There's a transit strike so you can't go anywhere anyway, now xmas is a wash, order some records.

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