Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mates of State/Dear Nora Split 7

Mates “These Days.” and Dear Nora cover Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country.", on gold vinyl.
"Around August 2002’s touring, Mates unleashed their rendition of Jackson Browne’s “These Days,” and is heavily influenced by Nico’s version of the song. “These Days” quickly became a live fan favorite and five months later, the band found themselves in the studio committing the song to analog. Dear Nora are longtime tour buddies with the Mates and Katie does an excellent acoustic rendition of Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country.”"

That sounds pretty good, plus polyvinyl is having an xmas sale so there's deals on t-shirts and all kinds of stuff. I've been hooked on mates of state's yelling harmony pop for a while. It's like I think I don't really want to listen to them and they come upon random and there they are yelling their hearts out, along with this organ sond mixed right up front. Some kind of pop church. Then I start yelling, and the neighbors get scared.

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