Monday, December 12, 2005

Found 7 Inch

Found magazine is just the most amazing thing, I heard about it on this american life and during the zine years I must have subscribed to dozens of publications devoted to collecting found stuff, missing dog posters, stalker letters, letters to corporations, that one was the best I can't remember the name of it...anyway it was cool to find this the other day and order some issues and then,....what do you know? A 7 inch!

Of course...what is better than some found answering machine tapes....

"We asked some of our favorite bands and musicians to put some FOUND stuff to good use. We were so happy with the results that we decided to print these beautiful limited-edition WHITE VINYL 7" records for us all to enjoy. Four great tracks by Jon Langford, TRS-80, Claudine Coule, and the Victrolas. Ms. Coule was walking down the street in Stockwell, London, when she happened upon a broken answerering machine laying in the road. Fortunately, she recovered the tape and carried it to Spain, where she made this music in her small home studio next to the veterinary surgery."
Ok,'s so easy now with paypal, I don't have to worry about mailing cash, or getting a money order. I don't know what's going on in the zine world anymore really. But I hope a lot of those zines are still around with a web presence. More ways to stumble across what someone is doing, and opportunities to order that physical object. It's not just me that's obsessed with something tangible. I don't even care if they post the mp3's I want to wait to hear the record.

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  1. their HQ is actually right down the street from me, I've chatted with one of the guys before. I haven't yet checked out their magazine.