Friday, December 23, 2005

Split Tight bro's and The champs

I love the fucking champs. My friend brought a tape into work one time, it was like a 3rd generation of 'III' and after I got over that we were blaring metal in the shipping room with everyone giving us crazy looks, I jusy gave in. It was amazing, this couldn't be a joke, it was so sincere. It could have been ruined by some stupid vocalist, but it never was.
I've seen them in brooklyn 3 or 4 times and it is the best live show. They hold their guitars above their heads and get amazing harmonic tones super rock star style. Then they have those brief super tight pauses and it's shocking to hear a perfect silence for a split second, in the middle of a wall of sound.

Get this 7 inch.

"Split record featuring outtakes from the Tight Bros (featuring members of KARP) first recording session and also a sarcastic and sugary fist pumping anthem by the Champs (featuring Tim Green of Nation of Ulysses).
Ace 006 Tight Bros From Way Back When / Champs 7”


  1. can you please re-up this link? summer knights is a fukin classic rock jam from hell, love it !

  2. Hey, sorry, I don't post the music... just talk about it.