Friday, December 9, 2005

Warm 45rpm memories + Paper chase and Xiu Xiu cover Nick Cave

In music class in middle school there was this teaching couple who taught the music classes. I remember sometimes they would ride the bus. The class was the average sucky music class....but if we were good the entire 45 minutes we could pick a 7 inch from the 7 inch box. Of course it was all crap 80's music, metal bands and maybe run dmc or beastie boys. I would love to see what the hell was in that 45 case. This had been going on for years so you would have such a small town survey of popular music through the decades. They did it for years and years.

The Paper Chase and Xiu Xiu cover Nick Cave split 7" - This 7” has been three long years in the making. Originally conceived in November of 2002, and exclusive to stickfigure records. The Paper Chase start the 7” with a cover of “god is in the house”, on the flipside Xiu Xiu provides listeners with a cover of “jack the ripper”. The songs were mastered by John Golden and the record is limited to 1000 copies.

I don't know xiu xiu that well, but have a couple other split 7 inches by him. Any artist can win me over if they keep putting out 7 inches. Never got into nick cave, probably because a college professor practically forced him on everyone when we went on some field trip to a museum in philly he blasted him on the bus PA, and I wanted to kill myself. When someone is militant about a band like that they can just ruin them forever. I hope I never do that. I get excited...but I try to keep it down, thats what is kind of nice about itunes and sharing, people can just check it out for themselves and come to you later and ask you about stuff.

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