Friday, January 27, 2006

Air Conditioning 7 inch picture disk.

I actually saw this at amoeba in san francisco, when I was there, I was holding it in my hand and I put it back in the rack. Dammit, I knew I would regret it. It's like one of those things I will keep thinking, there is no way I am ever going to find this at the record store down the street.
But at least stickfigure has it here.
This sounds like it will melt the turntable so maybe I'm better off.

"The latest trainwreck is in the form of a two song 7" picture disc, brandishing sounds so callow and course you'll asume they were etched into this record with a brick. The guitars and drums are put into service as makeshift weapons in a battle against routine, leaving disortion and resentment as the only instruments. The end results are mountainous, like listening to The Boredoms and Wolf Eyes while Armageddon rages nearby"

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