Thursday, January 26, 2006

Scuba Slim on Stones Throw

I love weird 7 inches, found music, cassettes tapes on the side of the road. This is pretty amazing that stones throw released this. That would be my dream to start a 7 inch record company that would just look for the most insane stuff to put out on 7 inch. I mean that's all you can really take anyway.
Here's the stones throw description:
“…onto the greatest seven inch of all time, we also have Scuba Slim's debut. This is going to be the singular weirdest record you've ever heard. It's from a cassette demo sent to us by this lunatic in Middleton, Wisconsin. We signed him, on the condition that we could make the seven inch ep directly from his cassette demo. The majority of it is made with a cheap casio keyboard and windchimes, and is recorded live to tape. He does some edits - noteably one of Jefferson Starship's "Sarah" - and sings/raps along with the music.” 4 songs total.

Order the greatest 7 inch of all time.

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