Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Amoeba Music

The greatest record store I have ever been in. Went to san francisco for a week and spent a ridiculous ammount of time sifting throught the enormous ammount of indie 45's. I had to keep starting over because they kept adding handfulls to the 'new arrivals' section. It was a running joke that I was going to set up a webcam pointed at that section and then call our friends and have them go get stuff while we're on the the one behind that one...right there. Either that or I would just call amoeba and for like 20 bucks just have them grab a handfull out of that section once a month and mail them to me.
Every morning I would get up and try to spend an hour or two there before everyone got up.

I love the Menomena album and picked up this 7 inch while I was there along with a bunch more. I couldn't help myself. The new and old 7 inches they had was just amazing. I actually didn't see any other part of the store, I started in the new releases 45 section and then when I finally got through that I saw that to the left of this area was a wall of used indie 45's in boxes, so then I started pulling them down and sifting through them. Plus the sales they had! I found a bunch of stuff I already had but for 50cents I got another copy. I might just have to move to San Francisco, when I retire. I will be that guy.

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