Friday, January 6, 2006

Field Music

I have to admit I haven't heard a lick from these guys...but isn't that what 7 inches are all about? My friend has been raving how great they are so it's about time I tracked them down. Here is field music's site where they have this 7 inch 'Shorter Shorter' it has these tracks: 1. Shorter Shorter, 2. Trying To Sit Out, 3. Breakfast Song.

I checked insound and they have the 'If Only the Moon Were Up (7")' which according to field music is sold out. But they don't have the 'Shorter Shorter' one...very confusing.

"$7.99 VINYL FORMAT. UK IMPORT. A sweet single from British big-poppers Field Music --(Andrew Moore plus brothers Peter and David Brewis). You get two lush tracks "If Only The Moon Were Up" and "I'm Tired." For fans of Big Star, Modern Lovers, My Bloody Valentines, Neptunes, etc."

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