Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I just got an email about this yesterday so there should be a few left.
This is kind of like the 'home' series by post parlo where each artist cover the other, it's kind of an interesting way to hear how they approach songwriting. I've only heard the ben gibbard/andrew kenny split, that I liked alot. They also have a Bright Eyes/Britt Daniel split. Anyway I guess these two were on tour in 2005 and this 7 inch was only available on tour in europe...but they cover each other on opposite sides.

"To celebrate their European tour, Damien Jurado has released a split
7" with Dolorean. Each artist covers one of the other's song.
Exclusively sold on tour, the 7-inch features Dolorean's take on
Damien's "Ghost of David" and Jurado's fantastic version of "Traded
for Fire." We have a very limited amount of these left, but while we
got 'em, you can order the 7" here.

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