Monday, January 9, 2006

I have been looking all morning where this is available, and can't find it anywhere, the sneakmove site says it's available now, but there isn't a way to order directly from them. I think. I haven't tried contacting them so who knows. It sounds pretty amazing:
"A 7inch vinyl compilation featuring nine eclectic tracks ranging from electronic experimentalism to new wave hip-hop to designer noise. Each track is a complete song with a duration of 65 seconds or less.
Side A:
1. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Missoula
2. Baby Dayliner - Snort Your Drugs
3. Languis - Noise Looped
4. Blevin Blectum - Money for Rope
5. Oscillating Innards - Sucka MCs
Side B:
1. Restiform Bodies - Atur
2. DAT Politics - Gee Gee
3. Oven Mitts - Call Me Right Away
4. Odd Nosdam - Peso y Direcci—n

Limited edition -- only 600 copies will be pressed"


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  2. J-Son,
    What a great post. You may have found it, but here's the link to get one of these for yourself:

    You can also find it through a variety of online and instore resellers (although one distributor says they're running out fast...).

    We've got another one coming up quick so keep your eyes peeled.

    More releases here:

  3. Thanks Gary,
    I don't know why I couldn't find it through my usual channels, but ordered immediately thanks to paypal and your link. The 7 inch looks great, really cool pressing...looking forward to more in this series. Please let me know.