Wednesday, January 18, 2006

J-Dilla album with picture disk 7 inch

I'm as big of a hiphop fan as anyone else, and there's a huge crossover underground thing happening with madlib, danger doom, MF Doom, quasimoto...I can't keep them straight, I've heard some stuff by Jay Dee, or J-Dilla, and if you preorder this double LP, it ships with a 7 inch picture disk. But really this place, fat beats, has a ton of other 7 inches to check out also. They carry stones throw, and all those 45's.

"SHIPPING JAN. 31! There's an extraordinarily limited amount of bonus 7-inch singles for this release, so we just wanted to give a bit of a heads up to our vinyl-loving customers on this one (Picture disc!)... J-Dilla has risen to legendary status, and say what you want, but your opinion doesn't matter. Even the most successful and rich producers look up to his production, and would admit it. He gives everyone plenty of material to digest here, with 31 beats to enjoy. Dilla likes donuts."

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