Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Deerhunter split 7 inch

I saw them down the street from me in greenpoint a few weeks ago and they were awesome. Here's their myspace site where you can listen to a few tracks. I read about them somewhere and then saw on their myspace they were playing down the street. There's a few of these split 7 inches left with the alphabets. I haven't heard anything from the alphabets but from what I gather they are noise oriented. This split is on Die slaughterhaus records. Just scroll down and you can buy it directly from them.

Here's an article about the joys of the 7 inch.

More about deerhunter from cdreview.com...this band is on stickfigure records, which is an amazing place for 7 inches from anyone, it's an incredible resource which releases albums as well.

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