Friday, January 13, 2006

Test Icicles.

Rock out with the test icicles with this 7". Are they the new wolf parade? They are so like October 05. Get with it. You can't get this on their british website that's where they're from, I found it on Insound. Did I mention it's on neon green vinyl? Yes. Is that a good band name, or just ridiculous. So good it's bad? You're not the only one who can't decide.

"VINYL FORMAT. NEON GREEN VINYL. You may have seen them tear shit up on the Death From Above 1979 tour. Citing Slayer, Slick Rick and Lightning Bolt as direct influences, Sam, Dev and Rory are fired up with a love of not only rock and metal but the machine beats of hip hop and grime. TRACKLIST: 'Boa vs. Python' backed with 'Dancing on Pegs'. 4$"

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