Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Quiet weather series (Black Mountain)

I saw this single at that same place and didn't really know anything about this single, other than one side is 'Black Mountain' who I've been giving a chance lately. And it's part of a series, which I know nothing about either. I couldn't find any other 7 inches from the 'series'. hmmmmm. Buy it here.

"At last the final chapter (unless another box of covers turns up) in Spirit of Orr's 'Quiet Weather Series' is available. Two of Vancouver's finest song makers each with a brand new track, pressed on white vinyl limited to 600 copies only, ever. Dan Bejar, and DESTROYER should need little introducing, if you are a fan already this tune will greet you like a fresh fall wind, nostalgic and breathtaking. If you are new to Destroyer, this is a quick way in to a new obsession. BLACK MOUTNAIN is one of the new vehicles of STEPEHN MCBEAN, also of the much loved - little known JERK WITH A BOMB and also of the recent Jagjaguar label roster addition, PINK MOUNTAINTOPS. Get all of their records."

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