Tuesday, February 28, 2006

tilly and the wall

I've heard some things from them a while ago and kind of assumed they were part of that girly pop/swirlies, softies movement but no they are on the edge of the pitchformedia cliff. Here's the latest 7 inch just out, produced by super genius connor oberst. Or get it here. Sadly I can only find it for sale overseas...

"Produced by Conor Oberst and plucked ripe-as-you-like from the 'Wild Like Children' LP, this 7" ('Reckless') from Tilly and The Wall (aka Jamie, Derek, Neely, Nick and Kianna) is a sugary blast of indie-pop that sounds not unlike Charlotte Hatherley collaborating with a less histrionic Polyphonic Spree, whilst on the back it's lights down for some world-weary musings... all done with a twinkle in the eye."

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