Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Strangulated beatoffs

“jackin off with jacko” 7”
This is an amzing review from stickfigure...which I may have said before, but they really have the best reviews, prices etc. the site is really nice and whoever is running this thing, I hope they stay successful. There is so much music here. I don't know how many times I've ended up here or started here looking for 45's. Quoted from stickfigure:
" states: “God bless the Strangulated Beatoffs -- I could really go for listening to some of their beyond-retarded endless loopery right now -- it's much better than quaaludes! -- but I don't own anything except for this new 7-inch, which is . . . . . . . . no, don't tell me . . . . a Michael Jackson cover. Yep. "Beat It," played in a straight hate-grunge weird-vocals drum-machine style (who is this, Mr. California and the State Police?), but I'm telling you, when it gets to the part right before the guitar solo (you know, duh-duhn-duhn, duh-duhn-duhn "beat it beat it beat it" duhn-duhn, duh-duhn-duhn etc.), it turns the duh-duhn-duhn into a godheavy loop that really smacks me out --- waaaay better than quaaludes. First time it hit, I wanted the loop to go on for at least four or five hours, and was really hoping it was a lock groove. Unfortunately it wasn't, so maybe I'll have to put out a four-or-five-disc 'remix' version. The flip side, "Jacking off with Jacko" is about as pointless as pointless goofery gets, so much so that I don't even remember it, other than some sort of retardo-techno groove and the title being said in a goofy voice a few times. But don't get excited, I'm keeping the 7-inch, just for the 10-15 seconds of that duh-duhn-duhn loop, as well as the beautiful watercolor painting by band member Stan Seitrich (he was in Drunks With Guns you know), not to mention that it comes with an actual page torn out of an actual unauthorized paperback bio of Michael Jackson, with key phrases underlined. ("It's just neat to become another thing, another person."

Ok so they were quoting someone else..this is a bad example...but by all means browse this site, they have an exclusively 7 inch section where there is too much to ever talk about.
Anyway this particular release does sound amazing, we all love to make fun of Michael Jackson and this 7 inch sounds like it will just do the trick....for years to come.

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