Friday, March 3, 2006

Black Dice Audio Book

Cool idea, black dice I can really get into sometimes, just the idea of pure sounds and building a reputation on literally creating the most interesting sound no one has ever heard. I missed them play in someone's apartment in williamsburg, they both set up in separate bedrooms, they had cases full of effect racks. It's improvised, not just techno, more in the jazz genre. But cool, I don't know how this is all broken down and categorized, they very easily could have been placed in an entirely different place in culture and I would have never heard of them. Ok everyone knows them....get a 7 inch and a book based on or inspired by the insanity.

"Black Dice “Peace in the Valley” b/w “Ball” 7” Single/ Book
Rarely are Black Dice songs constructed by musical sources, but rather from visual assemblages and illustrations. This release is an attempt to document the process in which the accompanying songs were created. Here you have two of Black Dice’s early brutal tracks that are tied to a 40-page full color book of photos, collage works, and illustrations. The band has since moved on to becoming a house hold name with the innovative DFA label. This work of art is pressed on limited edition color vinyl.
Track Listing:
1. Peace in the Valley
2. Ball"

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