Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I meant to listen to this before I talked about it...

We all know him from the multimillion record selling, grammy winning postal service, but how is his side project going you ask? Well find out on the first seven inch since 2001 for dntel. The aim jukebox series is amazing. I think they are releasing I don't know how many 45's, and the interface of the site is great. It makes me seriously consider what my friend jeff keeps saying...I need to get a tiny jukebox for all my 45's. For only 70 euros you can subscribe to the jukebox club and get all of their releases. This is way out of my price range, but still an awesome idea. I really have to start buying lottery tickets. You can get it directly from them, but I'd expect to pay overseas shipping.
It's also available here in the US for 6$.

From AIM:

"Aim Records proudly presents Dntel’s first musical output since 2001. What a beautiful way to celebrate the 10th installment in Aim’s Jukebox 7 inch series.
Those golden trumpets you now hear calling from every “in the know” music corner are singing the praises of Jimmy Tamborello. He first started crafting notes as Dntel in 1994 and since has created some of the most inspired human music ever heard. In 1999 experimental champs Phthalo Records released Dntel’s nascent creations under the umbrella “Early Works For Me If It Works For You.” After scattered gems on lovely labels LA’s open-eared adventurers at Plug Research brought the world Dntel’s “Life is full of Possibilities.” It was this album that created the indie-electronic blueprint that set the world abuzz and caused Dntel to be name-dropped on every hipster lip this side of tomorrow.

Jimmy then vaulted into the highest reaches of the stratosphere with Postal Service, his wildly successful collaboration with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. Their album “Give Up” on Sub Pop has far surpassed the gold sales status and continues to grow. Now, let’s travel back to the future. On this Aim Jukebox 7 inch Dntel shares some of his most beautiful sounds ever. He dives further into electronic tones to tug heartstrings and make sad boomboxes bling. Jimmy is joined by the magic voice of Mia Doi Todd and the glowing guitar art of Paul Larson. These frequently collaborators combine talents to perfectly conjure the melancholy wonder of Dntel’s world. Please join in."

It's on a nice solid yellow vinyl.

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