Monday, March 27, 2006

Franz Ferdinand

Now, I know it's not likely anyone is still listening to this album, it was one of those things I think I killed after like 3 weeks straight. I might go back to it in 7 inch form...or after I burn out noise rock insanity.

I found 'dimestore map of the reef' a silverjews 7 inch from 1991 (?) this weekend in williamsburg at academy records. I've seen it a million times on ebay but never wanted to pay like $10 for it. I was suprised how low-fi this was. I wonder if these were the demo's? It's that 'I can relate to it' crap tape recorder sound.

Love is all were amazing at 7 inch though...lots of perogi's

From domino:
"Franz Ferdinand are all set to release a double a-side single The Fallen/L.Wells through Domino on 3rd April. 'The Fallen' is the explosive opening track taken from their second album You Could Have It So Much Better and 'L.Wells' is a completely new track.

Alex says this of the new single: "Lynsey Wells is a girl we know from Glasgow. She’s amazing, one of those people who can always put you in a good mood. There’s something very whimsical about her, living her life like she’s a character in a film. The song started when I was thinking about her red hair blowing in the winter wind. Red hair is something that isn’t appreciated as much as it should be.
We’ve always loved the idea of double A sided singles. They’re extra special and nobody really does them any more. It should really be a quintuple A side. The Justice remix of the Fallen is a very exciting total reworking that makes Alex sound like Grandmaster Flash. Jeremy Fraser is a little sinister and dreamy with a great vocal from Nick. Brown Onions has Andy Knowles on Drums, Paul on Bass and Bob on guitar with Alex and Nick. It’s called Brown Onions because it sounds funny."

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