Monday, March 13, 2006


This was a pretty crazy 7 inch I came across one day, this guy has an entire album of radiohead breakbeats and remixes. I love these concept albums especially if it's obviously outside of legitimate channels. So this 7 inch is two selected tracks from the album. I have to respect this label for supporting these kinds of projects.
He's setting himself up not to make it huge because of thee obvious legal issues but at the same time the grey album brought dj dangermouse into everyone's ipod. NPR did a story on the guy for christsakes. Thats why I also love in the same way. They are selling all of these beck remix albums and stuff that's challenging who owns what. It's complicated I think we can agree on that. But people can't help but fuck with the man.

Click on 'shop' then scroll down.

"Featured on this limited edition (500) 7" single are two of the best remixes from PZ's "Me & THIS Army" CD. The A side features the "My Iron Lung" remix of Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500." The B-Side features the "Wicked Child" remix of MF Doom's "Change the beat." The 7" comes in a plain stickered sleeve and is of the highest quality."

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