Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The raconteurs 7 inch

Jack White has a side project called The raconteurs.

This was news last week, and after extensively looking on the supposed day of release March 7th, I determined this was virtually impossible to find, either through the XL site or the raconteurs site, which is very Vic20 awesome. Pretty funny if it does take forever to load. So the only options are to bid on it on ebay, where I saw one go for 30 pounds or buy direct from here for $130.

pitchfork's coverage

It's going to be hard to make it worth it. But to his credit they did scrap the cd release entirely and went exclusively with the 7 inch format, thus increasing the rarity of this release further. I've seen different numbers but they say it's limited to 2000...at 100/each that's a pretty good return.

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