Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Daniel Johnston

I know you have those days where like all of a sudden everything comes together. Your friend Tim tells you you have to hear this guy who's been around forever and kurt cobain had a t-shirt with one of his records on it. So you order a few and really start getting into him, hearing other stuff. Then another friend says something and then all of a sudden there is a documentary?
It seems all too put together, but either way, it's pretty cool. I can't wait to go see it at sunshine cinema. Even if some of the reviews are bad. I think music documentaries have a different criteria, is it for fans or just any average person.
I know most people won't give a crap so don't review it like they might be looking for something new on a sunday afternoon. They aren't, so tell me...is it good or what?

I found a place where this sold out 7 inch is still in stock....not after this movie.Order it from tonevender

Daniel Johnston and Slow Death vs the Instant Coffin
'Sinning is Easy' 7" EP
(Pickled Egg Records Egg 33)

"This exclusive Pickled Egg three track 7" is compelling to say the least. 'Sinning is easy, you don't have to try' is the hook and message. 'A Prayer from the Depths' is just that, a shopping list to god for cheap thrills to take away the existential malaise; girls, cigarettes, anything, read in a pathetic whining voice. Experts in the field, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, have rarely presented such a powerful drama pitting filthiness against godliness - I advise you to get this record as soon as possible" [Steve Hanson, Ptolemaic Terrascope]"


  1. these things came together for me as well recently. in addition to what you said, I went to the whitney museum and saw some of johnston's disturbing cartoonish drawings on display.

    he still lives with his mother.

  2. That was weird he was at the whitney...I'm glad because the whole thing was really awful...and I want to like the biennial, because no critics ever do....but I did get a 7 inch by tony oursler and his band?! I've been trying to find it and talk about it...but it isn't anywhere.