Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Coachwhips/Intelligence split 7 inch

I got the first Pink & Brown record right after my ears exploded from lighting bolt. The cover art was the scariest. In the liner notes from lightning bolt or in a review I heard about P&B, it was just as amazing. I have to see lightning bolt live in brooklyn one of these days....thats all I want....tell me where they're playing. I heard about a show where they played under the 59th street bridge or a field, it was raining...the amps blew up. The bridge collapsed, it was incredible.

This sounds like a bunch of talented people trying to break the needle on your record player.

"COACHWHIPS: Led by mercurial underground fashion plate JOHN DWYER’s (Pink & Brown) scorching guitar and phone-mic’d Log-vox, MATT HARTMAN’s (ex-Henry's Dress, Catpower) rumbling drums, and VIVACIOUS VAL’s (Double Duchess)cheap-brand keyboard melodies, the band burns down the house with two exclusive tracks recorded by stun-gun toting engineer Chris Woodhouse.
INTELLIGENCE: Seattle's angst-ridden art-pop warrior, LARS FINBERG (A-Frames, Dipers) returns with the help of Chris Woodhouse (Karate Party, FM Knives) to dish out three new, blazing tracks of solid post-punk clang. Thick rhythms and driving bass lines collide with sparse, angular guitar riffs and voiced pronouncements of science,
future, and frustration. PRESSED ON THICK, 70 GRAM VINYL."

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