Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jad Fair...arts and crafts series.

Important records... I have been watching them closely lately, getting halfway through their releases page and then ordering something. They have some amazing packaging and releases, all super limited. They really love their 7 inches. This special release, gives me the best of both worlds, I get my music and art fix all at once.
This is Vol 1 of their arts and crafts series:

"The first installment in our perpetual Arts and Crafts series is a 7" from Half Japanese's Jad Fair. this is limited to only 500 copies and each one comes with a hand made paper cut by Jad. The Arts and Crafts series will continue to bring you very limited edition seven inches each packaged w/ artwork made by the artist/artists on the record.
"It's a keeper on all known levels." The Wire"

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page...now it says 9.99, but I got an email recently saying it was on sale for 5$, so I picked up the lee renaldo 7 inch along with this.

I have to go see that Daniel Johnston documentary this week, this just made me think of it...

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