Wednesday, April 26, 2006

black lips + dirtbombs!

Cass records, Ben Blackwell is the guy who's uncle is Jack white, at least I think that's what some interview I read said. (*Yes he is-ed) He has lots of cool 7 inches here. He also plays drums for the dirtbombs. This seven inch is a tour only release split with the black lips.
This was the email I got the other day...

"alright, so you've already heard about the Black Lips and Dirtbombs triumphant three week tour...especially the part where the Lips opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and set off firecrackers and got kicked out of the club...but did you know they didn't sell out of their limited-edition, hand-stamped tour singles?

That's right, we here at Cass managed to pull some strings and get the singles that were left-over from that tour. never mind that Cass had to undergo long, tenuous negotiations with, um, Cass to purchase the stock. and believe me when I say trying to bargain with yourself is that hardest thing you can do.

so we got less than 60 copies of the single left and they're available from the "records" page at once they're gone, they're gone? unless you can convince me to give the record a proper picture sleeve and proper labels.

rock and roll.

Well Ben, I didn't know that this band opened for the yeah yeah yeahs and that they set off fireworks...but I'm willing to get this 7 inch...just based on them opening for the YYY's and your label, and that it's like $6 including postage. You make a pretty convincing pitch, and I am scared I might not get one, and there will be an empty hole in my 7 inch case.

Go check out the Black lips myspace page.
As annoying as myspace pages can be, they are useful if you want to hear a band for a second without going to download an MP3 from the bands site.... technology makes me lazier and lazier. But as far as telling my friend whos sitting next to me to go check out my new post on myspace, that's just ridiculous, and the whole 'top eight' thing, we might as well all have cb radio's for all the sense we're making.

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