Friday, April 7, 2006

Unwound Spilt

Ok let's all take a moment to honor one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all 'emergency preparedness get out of the city desert island' kit contains: Leaves turn inside you, repetition and challenge for a civilized society.
Me and Matt were supposed to see them that night in Boston for the day after my birthday, September 11th, instead I was stuck there for a week while nothing moved and Unwound broke up...without a sideproject in sight. What the hell.
That's some kind of weird fitting protest end.
They never leave any music playing device I own. I guess now I know I'm never seemed like there would be a band that I cling onto so seriously but I could see myself trying to tell one of the interns..."look they are amazing...this album will change your life man", and then I know I just ruined them for someone.
Tim's been listening to them so much the other day he showed me he made a tshirt where he wrote 'unwound' on the front of it...thats just pure love.

This isn't something you see a matter of fact I've seen it on ebay for a lot more than the $4 they are asking.

So go complete your collection.

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