Thursday, April 6, 2006

Cause Co-Motion

Cause Co-Motion played at warsasw with love is all...honestly I didn't hear much of them from the other room drinking some crazy polish beer, eating perogies. I wish I got the 7inch, I wal;keed over to the table and saw it there. Love is all was amazing. They made a bunch of jaded cynical hipsters party like it was 2006. The high school gym dance atmosphere made it even more surreal. Here was a high school dance I now remember kind of being good. The crowd was so happy...just plain happy. It was way too short as you can imagine. Love is all has no 45, so I found this link for a CauSe Co-Motion 7 inch.

caUSE co-MOTION! "this just won't last" e.p. 45
what's your rupture? records

side A: "baby don't do it" + "this just won't last"
side B: "this time next year" + "take a look"

By the way I've been trying to look at the what's your rupture records site and is it down? Are they working on it...whats up rupture?

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