Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Death Cab! ...but J...they are the new cold play! I know it kind of seems like it...the long piano quiet building songs...maybe I've just had enough wuss out music lately. The new album is borderline, I have to admit, it's too much. I didn't listen to it.

Just give me a little rock. As produced as Transatlanticism was, there still was 'New Year'. In the beginning, way back with 'something about airplanes' the songs had that mood, but there was a slowcore wall of sound...well ok not exactly a wall of sound, more like all of a sudden you were in it, not violently like mogwai, where you get punched in the face...but like a fog of sound, all of a sudden it was over there, now it's over here.
I guess the downward spiral started with the photo album....ok now I'm just being a dick...but I'm just confused...I like you guys...even more when I saw that documentary. Maybe I'm the one that ruined you...just like apparently I made kevin federline record an album...I and the rest of the public were demanding it. What's wrong with me?

"Death Cab For Cutie-Crooked Teeth Part One-Very Limited Edition 7 Inch
Pressing On Green Vinyl, Also Comes With A Large Foldout Poster, Features A
Cover Of The Julian Cope Track World Shut Your Mouth On The Flip Side, A
Real Happy Upbeat Emo Rock Singalong Anthem, April 2006-7"-Atlantic-€3.99"

There is a part 2, I haven't seen if it's released yet or what's on it. I like that this is on green vinyl, and they have released so many cool 7 inches...I just might get it. Again this is overseas, shipping blah blah see how important it is to have a cool record store that carries this stuff? And can I just say how many amazing 7 inches rough trade releases?

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