Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The Islands 7 inch!

The Islands are here. Just played at the Avalon and did an Instore at Soundfix in williamsburg. That place was packed, I heard it from the street, but it sounded great. A friend says they put on a great show at the Avalon as well.
The islands...now let me preface this observation by saying, I don't know which members of the unicorns went on to reform in the Islands, but if you wanted more of the same crazy ween-esque pieces put together, like the blueberry boat album jammed into one song, well it's not quite like that any more... (maybe there is another side project with the crazy one?) This was a more somber, introspective, and put together release.
Your little brother just got his first real job and you know what?.... he's lost something...a tiny piece of him died.

But I bet the single is still really good, too bad I have to have it flown in from across the Atlantic, from rough trade:

"Islands-Rough Gem-Montreal Based Outfit On The Rough Trade Label, This Is The First Single To Be Taken From Their Debut Album Return To The Sea, Also Features Unreleased Track Big Bluff On The Flip Side, A Slice Of Happy Uptempo Psychedelic Tinged Indie Rock, April 2006-7"-Rough Trade-€3.99"

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