Friday, May 26, 2006

The Futureheads - Picture disc/this

The futureheads...when they hit it just right, they get a sound quality that is like gold plated devo, or a kraftwerk ferdinand, if you will. Those moments from the eighties, where all of music could be solved with a keyboard a jumpsuit and a clean room, like a math equation.
But of course, there's something a little aware about the sound, they take this tradition and build onto it. They are doing something new.
It fits my ides of an eastern european sound I guess I romanticise about, the futureheads playing second hand guitars, and trashed tube amps, thin borrowed suits, but keep playing bars night after night, singing about your new job, or stupid conversations. Everything that's self-conscious and happening at all hasn't even made it that far east. The airwaves can't penetrate through that industrial cloud of WWII byproducts.

Detroit and Eastern Germany probably have some kind of stargate where you could walk through and feel right at home.

Whatever you are doing, it's great, I think it's like buying the men at work album and playing it over and over when I was around 10. it has some of the same sound qualities. There were armies of engineers positioning mics and recording backup tracks on the roof, layering them, into the opening.

I'm not sure if this is a picture disk, but if you preorder from Insound, I think this must be the one they send you.

679 records has 2 7 inches and the cd single....all with different b-sides for just 4£'s! That's a deal, if shipping wasn't 8£. Someone in england, be my friend and collect stuff and then ship it to me once a month...

"Futureheads, The-Skip To The End-Limited Edition Picture Disc 7 Inch Single From The Futureheads, Taken From The New Album News And Tributes, A Funky Indie Rock Track With Real Stop Start New Wave Feel To It, Kinda Reminds MeOf Early Xtc For Some Reason, Also Features Non Album Track History Itself On The B Side, May 2006-7"-679 Recordings"

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