Thursday, May 18, 2006


Grandaddy is finished but here's another 7 inch from them, a split with Polyphonic spree, or if you like Polyphonic spree better, here's a 7 inch with Grandaddy.
I don't know how I feel about The Spree...the robes the chorus, the ammount of members, they seem like they would have some kind of cult following right away. Any weirdo group, who makes a statement far out in any direction will have hardcore fans, but these fans are religious...with a gleam in their eye..."Hey you really should give it another chance. I think you'd really like it." Is it full of subliminal messages? I just want to rock, it is a way of life but I think they have everyone drinking the kool-aid. I'm convinced the christian right is behind them.
I'm afraid, very afraid.
Grandaddy seem to be the alter-ego side, who forgot to get to work on time and sit on the front porch with the dog, chewing tobacco and a dot matrix printer...running out of control...which will become the percussion track.

It's pretty amazing, this seven inch is still available.

"Two exclusive tracks by two of the most prized combos in America. The Polyphonic Spree offering is a studio version of the live favorite "The March." All the bliss, all of the good tidings that this 24 piece is known for. Grandaddy's side is a little less euphoric but by no means less enticing. "The Rugged and Splintered Entertainment Center" is a memorable song from these bearded wonders. Each band contributed beautiful artwork to this little 45 RPM nugget."

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  1. news flash: I saw jason lytle perform last night at other music...the beard is gone. ;)

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