Friday, May 19, 2006

Belle And Sebastian --Blues--

This is just a cute band, that came around in a time of no cuteness. It was all loud rocking out for me but then, tigermilk, I think that's why you just have to know what you are doing is good, you can't doubt what seems right to you. Really.... sometimes people need time to come around. Belle had conviction to release that into the musical landscape, maybe not consciously, like they even knew what they were doing, I mean you get an offer to put something out there, you don't want to turn it down, and at first there is no success to validate what you've been doing...but I really think if you honestly like it yourself and playing it, it's not what you think is going to work, as a gimmick....then you know what? You are right, and you can't even see the things converging around you, you are too far in it.

"Belle And Sebastian-The Blues Are Still Blue-The Second To Be Lifted From Their Recent Album The Life Pursuit, Also Features A New Recording Of The Thin Lizzy Classic Whiskey In The Jar Recorded Specially For The Tom Dunne Radio Show, This Single Is The Closest Thing You Will Hear To Belle And Sebastian Trying To Sound Like T Rex And Actually Pulling It Off With Great Ease, One Of The Finest Tracks On The Album Too, Limited Edition Blue Vinyl,
April 2006-7"-Rough Trade"

I actually have ordered from this place even though it looks a little sketchy.

You can also get all the Belle releases from jeepster.

I haven't heard too much recently because I'm back into my rocking math post rock phase again, but maybe it's time.

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