Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Tunng single

Tunng, they have some great singles that I've been noticing from across the Atlantic. First they released a cover of pioneers, the bloc party song on a single sided etched 7 inch.

Now we have "Woodcat" on Full Time Hobby Records.

2 tracks: "Woodcat" b/w "Woodcat (Viva Voce remix)"
From Full time hobby:
"Tunng-Woodcat-Their First Release Since Signing To The Full Time Hobby Label, A Lovely Slice Of Electronic Tinged Folk Sounds, The Emphasis Is Much More On The Folk Than The Electronica On This One Though, Sounds A Bit Like Early Elliott Smith With Animal Collective Jamming In The Background, Also Features A Viva Voce Remix On The Flip Side, April 2006-7"-Full Time"

My description of Tunng to my friend was the guitar of jose gonzalez and electronica of the books. Or if they were around 6 years ago Elliott Smith and aphex twin.
He said "Wow."
This is interesting stuff.
When I compare bands or make analogies I only think it's fair to compare them to other recent bands. I'm not going to compare anything to something like Nirvana, "These guys are going to redefine everything like Nirvana" That moment of music, it's impossible to compare to something now. I don't feel like I can intelligently talk about classic rock, the doors, even jazz, like miles davis. i literally have been too jaded. I can't listen to it with the right would take a lot of work to get to that place. I can appreciate it, but not really be able to understand the context.

I found this somewhere online looking for the 7 inch... I think it's maybe a list of DJ's? Or band members. I'm confused.
""Woodcat" has been played by Steve Lamacq, Rob Da Bank, Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, Mark Radcliffe, Vic McGlynn, Stuart Maconie and John Kennedy (amongst others)."

This place in the UK still has the pioneers 7 inch.

This single will be followed by the second album, "Comments Of The Inner Chorus", on 22nd May. I can't wait to hear this really. It's one of those things that changes with repeated listenings, with demands you to live with it right away.

Here's another review:
"At the very vanguard of British Folk's warring factions (or so The Guardian reckon...), Tunng seem to have something of the zeitgeist about them; featuring in a brand new documentary for BBC4 and with their mellifluous take on the appallingly titled Folktronica greeted with something beyond the usual sage smiles of this gentle genre. Their first release since signing for Full Time Hobby, 'Woodcat' is more of the same - taking the Nick Drake hue of their 'Mother's Daughter And Other Stories' LP and giving it a concave spin that sees them coming across like a British José Gonzalez. Very much on the same tributary of musical lineage that houses Adem and Alasdair Roberts, Tunng nonetheless bring a distinctive bite thanks to their acknowledgements of the likes of Robert Wyatt - imbuing the tender solipsism with a distorted and frayed edge that keeps it well away from the fey-acoustic quagmire. STRICTLY LIMITED COPIES ONLY."

A documentary? Wow, please give us some singles Tunng.

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