Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tapes N Tapes N 7 inches

One good indicator, for how good an album is, and this only works if you can get a car somewhere, is how many times you want to roll down the window while you're driving, blaring the music, playing it way too loud for just yourself.
Do I want people on the sidewalk to know how cool I am? Yes.
Do I also feel like a jackass driving around, with the radio really loud? Yes.
Would I look at myself and say, "That guy is some kind of asshole driving around listening to something, trying to get attention." Yes.
Well then call me an asshole who thinks this album is really good because I counted at least 5 times I kept doing that driving around this weekend doing that. That's a lot...but I just couldn't help myself, I was honoring the music, with a rolldown music driveby.

I'm sorry williamsburg.

My friend Mike kept saying "...just put on 10 gallon ascots, I know you would be into this." He was right. There's something unsettlingly european to it, I can't explain. Half parts pavement, just sloppy enough to sound 'about the music', some bloc party clapping, nice production. It's a solid 11 tracks that I'm not done with yet. So you better believe I'm getting this 7 inch.

"VINYL FORMAT. VERY LIMITED. This 7-inch consists of two album tracks, "Insistor" backed with "Crazy Eights"."

In fact I saw this seven inch a few places last night, and it hurt not to buy it, killing time before sunset rubdown, which was incredible. Now I'm absolutely sure...anything spencer involved is and will be amazing, challenging and worth listening to. Now I have to check out frog eyes.

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