Friday, May 5, 2006

Super Furry Animals

Now here's the thing with the huge labels releasing 7 inches, ther's hardly anywhere to order them directly, except random hip hop sites like this one.
There is no normal place to get them, huge record stores don't carry them, and then indie rock places might skip this one over as not being super cool enough. We that leaves the hip hop stores, where, if I was smarter I would start first. If anyone loves 7 inches or vinyl, it's them.

I'll admit I haven't heard too much...but my friend Mike likes them, so I'd put this in my shopping cart. They sound a little crazy all over the place like flaming lips, more dancy, they're coming from an almost techno place, which is fine, but I lump them into the four tet camp, which I tend to get annoyed at for being a little too repetitive and droning.

The laser beam track is remixed by danger mouse, so that's pretty cool.

"Super Furry Animals-Lazer Beam-Very Very Limited 7 Inch Release, The First
Single To Be Taken From The Forthcoming Album Lovekraft, Also Features Non
Album Track Sunnyseville, August 2005-7"-Epic."

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