Monday, May 8, 2006

Your Grandaddy died.

Well that's it, grandaddy, is no more, the new album is out, along with the last single from it...that's right, the last one ever. We have to get it, they would have wanted it that way.
It seems like just yesterday they were releasing limited edition t shirts with insound. You could even subscribe.

Here's a great interview from 'In Music we trust' It doesn't sound like this was unexpected.

And well, this guy hated this. I think they were a mixed bag, like conceptual art, sometimes the tracks were better as ideas, but then you go and carry them out just to make a point. That can be good or bad. All I know is there a few tracks that stay in my itunes, and never get unchecked for being to annoying.

From Roadrecs
"Grandaddy-Elevate Myself-Rumoured To Be Their Last Single As The Band Have Finally Called It A Day, Features A Really Classic Slice Of Grandaddy Pop Music, Its Probably One Of The Happiest Songs Of The Year So Far And Harks Back To The Early Days Of Under The Western Freeway, Taken From The Final Album Just Like The Fambly Cat, Also Features Winners On The Flip Side,Limited 7 Inch Only Release, May 2006-7"

So far, have only seen this on a few overseas sites. America we are doing a bad job with our seven inches. We need some kind of new agreement or treaty with europe. I'll start a petition.

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