Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Test icicles..... Failed, Lethal Bizzle last track.

Ok ...I didn't know they were done, over, splitsville. Geez, I just got this album 'for screening purposes only' and just started to listen to it and now this. And I'm not breaking news by a long shot, how did I not come across this...what the hell, this happened in feb....well now you really better get this seven because like Jack Handy said about losing your car keys in a lava flow: "Man they're gone.

So Lethal Bizzle has a track 'Mind Your Head' and is backed by test icicles on the b-side:
"LETHAL BIZZLE feat TEST ICICLES-Mind Your Head 7” (V2) $6.99 Album and Test Icicles versions." (Not the one pictured to the left)

They have also remixed Lethal's work as well, and I mean that now in the past tense. Get that one here, at Rough Trade. (that's the cover art)

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