Monday, May 15, 2006

SY Leave NY

Ahhhh sonic youth, before I even knew what alternative music was, sonic youth was singlehandedly inventing an entire genre of music. You were pretty much cool if you had a sonic youth t-shirt like my friend Matt at summer art camp.
They have an extensive catalog full of seven inches and this is their new one from the new album 'Rather Ripped' to be released June 13th. This seven inch also features the last recordings from their NY studio....before they moved to NJ.

"SONIC YOUTH-Helen Lundeberg 7” (Sonic Youth/SY00001) $4.00
Two new non-LP tracks to get the people pumped for Rather Ripped."

The same night they kick off their tour at CBGB's, which hasn't left NY yet, and this should be a pretty historic show, I don't know when the last time they might have played that place and just announced on their website:


We know tickets for the Tuesday, June 13th show sold out fast, but it turns out that there is another way to get some tickets. Two stores: Earwax on Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn, and Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey will have tickets available to people who pre-purchase the record (while supplies last). Also, Other Music will have an online contest to give away 5 pairs of tickets."

Well on the way home I'll have to stop by Earwax, to see if there are any left.

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  1. Ahh, my infamous Sonic Youth t-shirt.

    Here it is:

    Although I had mine in yellow.