Monday, June 5, 2006

Animal Collective : The Purple Bottle / Polly

This is the craziest seven inch ever! Completely unlabeled this 'promo' 45 has a cover of Nirvana's polly. Courtney Love would never allow this, but thats why it has no cover art and is pressed by god knows who.
Tho tracks:
'The Purple Bottle'
From Picadilly records:
A curious promo only 7" with no information on the sleeve or the disc! We've figured out that the two tracks are "The Purple Bottle" from their "Feels" album and a cover of the Nirvana classic "Polly".
7" promo - ACBOOTY1 - £3.99
Very limited, ONE PER PERSON!

I am sooooo curious to hear what animal collective will do with the Nirvana track. It's funny, something like that gets me inspired to record try to do my version of them interpreting Nirvana, because they would really push the song to the edge of recognizability.
I have a space needle 7 inch where they cover sugar mountain, I used to play it as an example of the lowest of the low fi. It was buried beneath sounds and sounds of tape hiss and dub that it almost made it sadder. This unearthed rare recording, etched into stone on a huge rock turntable.

It wasn't too bad with shipping from the UK...about $10.

Pitchfork already reviewed it!

Then I found out from this blog where to get it, they had a few copies left....but I forgot to get tunng while I was at it....I was too excited.

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