Tuesday, June 6, 2006

tilly and the wall new single

I heard a bunch of Tilly from my friend Jeff, a while ago and it seemed like a great discovery while on random on my ipod...quirky, good vocals...but then a friend at work was telling me he saw them play live and it was the worst show. The lead singer was really pretentious and annoying, just a weird set up show.

I have to say that ruined I love you but I've chosen darkness as well. There was something bar bandy about them. Most of the crowd left at north six. I kept trying to give them a chance with my friend Brian. I'm sure I ruined them for him also. I tried to give hima copy of that great EP, but I bet he didn't even listen to it. I have never been more disapointed.

I still have to get a proper release from them, and I think they are on Team-Love Connor Oberst's side project label.

I found the second 7 inch from the album here.

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