Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Serena maneesh - 7 inch

Moving right along we have another pure rock 60's throwback, but for me this is more like Dead Meadow, there is something new being done with this genre. They know all of the influences, they have to be aware of the history. It's not just a cover band not doing covers, they aren't trying to revive that time and everything along with it. The history has been studied and awknowledged, then built on and something new is made. There is something new happening in the sensibility.
I saw them on Clicktrax
being interviewed and they just seemed really sincere about the music and I was sold.
Get the seven inch from the uk (road recs)...or pay more for a US distributor, sirendisk who has tons of import vinyl...for a price, it's not terrible though.

Serena Maneesh-Drain Cosmetics-Norwegian Based Outfit On Play Louder
Recordings, A Big Thundering Shoegazing Influenced Sound, Equal Parts Early Primal Scream, Spacemen 3, Slowdive And Spiritualized, Pounding Repetitive Drums Meets Floaty Reverb Laden Vocals And Big Wall Of Sound Guitars, Absolutely Wonderful Stuff, Features Drain Cosmetics And Sapphire Eyes Refix Version, Limited Edition 7 Inch Pressing, June 2006-7"-Play Louder

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