Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dungen 7 inch

My friend Mike said it exactly when he said about their show he was going to that "I'm reluctant to ask anyone else to go with me because it's not a show that you should goto unless you're really into it"
There you go, it was long solo jams, and singing in a foreign language. Why is there this crazy prog rock resurgence lately, were we dying for this stuff? It's ok I guess, I'm not running to the record store, but I will play it for someone, like a novelty record. But beyond that, why are they getting so much attention in the indie rock world. The darkness is gone and forgotton, but the hipsters remember dungen? Is that what people are thinking from a business standpoint. Their longevity will be worth the relative obscurity?

DUNGEN : Festival / Sjutton 7"

Scandinavian psychedelic rock from the excellent Dungen, whose anthemic "Festival" has proved a highlight of live performances, despite being sung in Swedish. The b-side "Sjutton" is a glimpse of the instrumental glory that this band are capable of: blazing flute, rhythmic intensity lead by a super tight rhythm section, and an overall sound that is wonderfully atmospheric.

VINYL FORMAT. A special 7-inch release for the Bonaroo and Coachella festivals from Swedish psych-folk-pop heavyweight Dungen. Includes the tracks Festival (7-inch version) and Sjutton, both from the Ta Det Lugnt album. Limited edition pressing packaged in thick printed card sleeves.

Just be glad insound has it....

and this overseas store (phonica) isn't the only place with it.

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