Wednesday, July 5, 2006

gbv bubble soundtrack 7inch

So, my friend Dave recommended 'Alien Lanes' as a good introduction to GBV, and I'm going to have take him up on it. I'm really going to sit down, uninterrupted and give them a chance. He thought it would be the most accessible and the tracks are so short they lend themselves to being a part of a shuffle.
This seven inch is interesting, I have to respect Steve Soderbergh a little bit more, I mean he likes GBV, and therefore he must agree with the seven inch law....that they are awesome.
It's a great idea, I heard the movie isn't half bad as for the tracks themselves...well even if I heard them I wouldn't know whre they fit into the GBV history....I have some homework to do.

This monkey goto Midheaven.

A long time fan of the man, music, and myth that is Ohio native Robert Pollard, Steven Soderbergh (Oceans 11, Traffic and Erin Brockovich) didn't have to look hard for someone to score his new movie, Bubble.

The songs here were recorded after Pollard visited the film set in April of this year. In the vein of 2004’s solo effort, Fiction Man, Bubble features Pollard naturally handling vocal and guitar duties with recent producer/collaborator Todd Tobias holding down the bass, drums, and keyboard. The six tracks featured here are best described as classic Pollard material (full-on rock songs, two of which are instrumentals ) that prove Pollard has set his sights on many great things post-GBV.

This release marks the second EP-length release from Robert Pollard in 2005. It will precede the much-hyped and long-whispered about second installment of Suitcase from the now-defunct Guided By Voices.

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