Thursday, July 6, 2006


Why they get lumped into 'emo' I don't know, at one point and time maybe, but haven't they moved beyond that? I mean as more and more bands get lumped into that category, which fine, I'll agree to put some bands together with other bands and we can all call them whatever we want, but when a band has changed, or the time has changed, leave them out of it. Maybe I'm just pissed because emo now means dashboard confessional, or that they tainted the entire genre. I actually gave them a chance one day, I was in a cursive, sunny day streak and looking for new was embarrassing, I kept playing tracks over and this bad? What am I not hearing? They are terrible. I won't waste another minute talking about them.

I've heard on this new album they went and recruited a bright eyes horn section. The strings/cello stuff on earlier albums was kind of nice, it was a compliment to the guitar, it was somewhere in that tonal range, the classical equivalent to that instruments voice, and a great contrast to the vocals and explosions of rock that happen with cursive.

I'm just worried they are going into ska territory which would be weird....I don't know that's all I think of with a brass section, or there have been too many times it's been ruined for me?

Love is all changed that perception a little for me maybe through the quality of the recording. I'd love to hear about how that was recorded, it's really dirty, but I would think they wanted to just get that feeling, the energy of them performing. I couldn't see them being isolated in sound booths getting the perfect high hat sample. It sounds live almost.

This is on saddle creek...I wonder how that documentary is...

CURSIVE "Dorothy at Forty" (Saddle Creek - LBJ 93) 7"
***A teaser to the upcoming Happy Hollow album from Nebraska indie favorites CURSIVE. "Dorothy At Forty" is another typically atypical Cursive romp, catapulted by incisive guitars, punctuated by horns and jerking to a stop before spiraling into the song's rousing coda. Backed by the non album tracks "The Bitter End" and "The Censor."

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