Monday, July 31, 2006

Gringo records - singles club

What!! How do these keep springing up? Seriously, I was a little worried in the beginning I might be reaching with some posts for a good seven inch to talk about, maybe I'd have to really scour the internet for some not so interesting things until the new releases were announced. But honestly, they just keep coming, and that backlog stuff I (thankfully) will never to get to.

This single club in unavailable to purchase in it's entirety, but almost all the releases are available just scroll down to the bottom, all that is except the erase errata single, thats sold out....the rest are about £4.75/each.

featuring Erase Errata, Red Monkey, Electro Group, Hirameka Hi-Fi, Eska, New Radiant Storm King, Soeza, The Intima, El Hombre Trajeado, Hella, Empire-Builder and Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!
6 x 7" and suprises

Bloc Party played down the street at McCareen Park this weekend, great show, that pool is amazing, really great summer venue, they should be filling it with just a little bit of water. We were talking about how central park is always impossible to really see anything, and that space just isn't big enough even. The pool is a nice medium of out there just enough, and giant.
There must be millions of lead paint chips on the bottom of that pool. I'm a little suprised in some ways, this isn't a lawsuit waiting to happen as soon as someone stuffs a handfull of paintchips into their mouth?

There are some great pics here.

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