Friday, July 28, 2006

The Knife

I guess the knife must be doing well royalty-wise with Jose covering the heartbreak song at every appearance. He was on Conan the other night and of course played it.
Well good for them, I just wonder how that came about, and who's benefitting? He's sick of playing it already, I'm sure.

The Knife are kind of a guilty pleasure, I feel slightly self conscious about listening to them, it's so dance club ravey some times. And if I'm driving around, I'll keep the windows rolled up because it's just a part of that genre of music....some of it is ok, but I am not ready to admit it. Combine this with Ratatat, and it's a must have, can't wwait to hear what that new album will sound like.

But hear the original heartbeats, it's equally as good.

This is an import, as far as I could tell, so it's puregroove or phonica for you.

*7" Version Includes Radio Edit and Ratatat Remix*
Given that every review you read of The Knife now seems to include an obligatory mention of Mr. Bouncy Balls, we'll buck the trend and refrain from even muttering about widescreen TV's... Doh! With their 'Silent Shout' LP quite rightly attracting praise like wasps to my Calipo, 'We Share Our Mother's Health' is the first proper single to enjoy an autonomous release from the Swedish duo - and what a gem it is too. Starting off like a haunted fairground caught in a Vicks Vapour nightmare, The Knife rapidly evolve the hardboiled beats and discordant melody into a fierce ruck of electropop that contrasts vocals against one another in a fashion that should engender trouble but in fact results in machine-fed harmony. Plumping for the 7" will earn you access to the Ratatat mix; wherein the original is coated in digital syrup for a slow and sultry double-take. Slicer!...

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