Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vashti Bunyan bonus seven

I really don't know too much about her, other than popping up in collaboration projects here and there, with devendra and animal collective, and she's another unappreciated artist from the 60's, that smacks of Nick Drake, but she's still around to do those possibly amazing collaborations.
I used to have this theory that there are great artists in every time. I tend to hate with a passion the classic 50's oldies staions or even classic rock, just in practice. The same....maybe 50 songs are played over and over, whatever was the top 20. Now, I know there were thousands of other musicians, and some of them must have been doing interesting music. Why wasn't any of that ever being explored. I understand the attraction of the uniform, the same experience over and over, it's comforting, but someone should be examining the obscure things that were happening then, played against other work released even during that month. I would want to discover some of those groups from the 50's, for myself, it's just such a foreign world. I'm really not an indie snob....It's just the easiest genre to make up my own mind about....ok I know I'm being influenced....let's just say I have the most access to.
But I'm happy to get this on vinyl, with a bonus 7", at parasol, but really every good record store should have this.
Bunyan, Vashti
Just Another Diamond Day (LP+7") (PRE-ORDER: SALEABLE AUGUST 1ST)
PS, US **NOW ON VINYL! ** 9.0 ON PITCHFORK!! Vinyl (+7" of bonus tracks) reissue for legendary pastoral folk album. "About 5 years after briefly surfacing as part of Andrew Loog Oldham's (Rolling Stones) stable, Vashti, now billing herself w/her full name, Vashti Bunyan, made her only album. A folkier & more serious minded effort than her initial mid-'60s recordings, it is a pleasing yet overly dainty slice of British rock tinged folk, produced by Joe Boyd . A certain similarity to some other acts under Boyd 's supervision, such as the Incredible String Band & Fairport Convention , was assured by contributions from the ISB 's Robin Williamson and Fairport 's Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol . For good measure, there were string & recorder arrangements by Robert Kirby , who had done some string arrangements for Nick Drake , another Boyd -produced artist. Comprised solely of original material &contained dignified yet slightly sad ruminations w/a pastoral, indeed rural feel, imbued w/ images of solitary meditations upon rain, wind, sunsets, & open fields. The drum-less, acoustic arrangements yielded an intimate ambience well-suited for Vashti's fragile, measured, almost despondently wispy vocals. CD reissue of this rarity (on Spinney) is enhanced by four bonus tracks that, w/an oh-so-slight poppier bent, actually rate as the best material on the disc." -Richie Unterberger, AMG.

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